Sebastian van der Wals, (born 12 December 1984) is a Dutch Entrepreneur with interest in Design, Mobile and Trading. Sebastian holds a BA in International Business from Utrecht University of applied Sciences, attended Beijing University of Technology in China and has a wide experience starting businesses, where he always emphasises on the development of strong personal relationships to achieve challenging goals. After successfully executing Minerals Holland he started TradeBlock Mobile in 2010, which was a precursor to Lemonova Mobile.

In 2011 he moved from the Netherlands to Shanghai, China and started his activities in Asia. In 2019 Sebastian moved back to the Netherlands.

Currently his main emphasis lays on his holding company WalsMedia BV. While building the vision, Sebastian incorporated his experience and insights in the local market to build the company. At WalsMedia BV Sebastian executes marketing, business development as well as covering brand partnerships and the strategic part of running the company.



For business proposals and consultation inquires you can contact me directly.


Currently I’m involved in the following startups:

We are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


DMD Amsterdam

DMD Amsterdam, founded in 2017, is a Textile Design Studio. Hand drawn artworks for fashion, home and other surface applications. We are producing artworks that reflect key trends and highlight new movements in color.


Lemonova offers a cloud-based ad platform, making it easy to scale campaigns, helping you meet demand, change creative, and optimize performance in real-time.